About us

Our Mission

The In the Plains Chamber Music Festival was brought about in an effort to share our passion for classical music with those in the community.  We hope that this passion is contagious, and will develop an appreciation for chamber music in others that will continue to grow over the years.

The Festival

The festival is a concert series that is brought to you by professional musicians from around the globe.  In addition to these concerts we provide an informative “pre-concert talk” each night, that will give audiences an inside view of the pieces to be performed that evening, as well as give them an opportunity to ask questions of their own. Please see our Program 2015 page for this year’s program and times.

The Institute

The In the Plains Music Institute is a 5-day learning experience that provides students with one-on-one lessons, chamber music coachings/ rehearsals, and classes covering a wide array of topics.

Since we believe that every successful child is fostered by their parents, we promote parents to listen in on their child/children’s rehearsals, lessons, and classes.  In addition to this, there will be lectures specifically for parents to give them suggestions and tips on how they can best support their child.

The week is concluded with a Student Showcase concert that is open to the public.  This concert gives the students an opportunity to perform with their chamber ensemble as well as in a combined large ensemble.  Please visit our Program 2015 page for a complete listing of this year’s concerts.



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